What are the Different Types of Crane Services

Crane Services: Suitable for Different Projects

Michigan crane services are often needed in various industries, and the type of crane service that you need will depend on the industry that they are being used for. Cranes are very important because they can be used to lift extremely heavy objects with ease. Crane services come in three different types: aerial, truck mounted, and crawler cranes.

Aerial crane services involve using a crane suspended from an overhead cable or rope which is raised by a winch drum to any height desired by the operator. They are the best choice when the object that needs to be lifted is too high off of the ground for a normal crane.

Michigan Crane Services

A truck mounted service uses an ordinary forklift attached to the back of a large vehicle which then has cables or chains attaching it to either another vehicle, or some other heavy weight item in order to move said object. They are best used when there is already something on wheels available which can act as its own source of power and movement.

Crawler cranes are similar to truck-mounted cranes, but they have a crawler track that makes them much more stable and able to access areas that two-wheeled trucks cannot reach. Also, crawler cranes have a bigger load capacity than truck-mounted cranes.

In conclusion: Cranes are very important for many different industries and can be used in various situations such as construction, landscaping, or even to do routine maintenance on large equipment like generators; crane service is often needed when having heavy objects lifted into place or moved across an area of land. Which one you need will depend on the industry that they are being used for.